Designer shower

This shower was a sweet 16 birthday present from the parents. Working with an interior designer, we  maximized the space in the girl’s room. By joining a small walk-in closet and a small bath, we created a much larger bathroom. A portion of the over-sized bedroom was transformed into two large reach-in closets.

The new larger bathroom was updated with a walk-in shower with a bench, using a special order shower pan conversion kit. We tiled the shower floor with 2″x2″ marble and the walls with 3″x6″ subway tile. We custom built the vanity and tall cabinet to the designer’s specifications based on the girl’s needs – this included everything from a special place for the hair dryer (with a receptacle), to a special place for make-up, lotions; all the essential teenage girl’s equipment. The cabinet at the end of the bathroom has many drawers to keep things organized, including a hamper for dirty cloths.