Respect our time and money

We got three bids and Vered was the most competitive.  His recommendations were very good and we proceeded.  Positives:1.  His subcontractors were excellent and were very trustworthy.  You sensed the respect they had for Vered.  2.  Not everything was perfect but he responded quickly and addressed the issues promptly.  His responsiveness was great.  3. He was sensitive to price.  He knew that Home Depot had a great deal on carpeting and directed us to them rather than use his people.  It was cheaper for me to go to city hall for the permit than to have the architect do so and he shared that info.  4.  In addition to his subcontractors, you could tell that he had an ability to do many of the tasks himself and therefore was very capable of managing every aspect of the project.  5. He did not stand on ceremony. One of the bidders insisted on us coming to their office to view these 3-D renderings and we could not make that time.  Vered worked with us online and made it much simpler with the same quality.
In the end, we have a basement we are really pleased with and will enjoy for many years.